Julius Black

Apron JULIUS is a sophisticated uniform for men. Perfect together with ladies apron JULIA 11 or DORA 11.



Apron JULIUS is a sophisticated uniform for men. Perfect together with ladies’ apron JULIA 11.

This unique style chic black apron is designed by Kitchen Wear by UGI.

Have fun looking for more original gifts for kitchen and food lovers!

35% cotton, 65% polyester
Colour: black
Mashine washable, easy care

H2>UNIQUENESS of our aprons

All UGI aprons are designed personally by our designer and company founder Morkuniene Lina. We are very proud of her flair to feel what can make people smile.
We cannot say anything new: in order to create something amazing – we need a sparkle. We hope that you appreciate our passion that has become of different shapes: stylish, cozy, playful and fashionable aprons.

QUALITY of aprons we make and design

The only topic where there can be no exceptions is Quality. This is the essential condition for the UGI fashion to stay special even during dangerous kitchen situations, when one always can experience the rain of sauces or flour storms. Our priority is natural and resistant, high quality fabrics, but you will be surprised how far the fantasy can take us.
One of the main goals is to keep UGI Aprons wearer’s happy, by making the product not only nice looking, but also good quality that should last as long as possible.

So we are always trying choose only the best materials to make people not only think that they have nice unique product but also feel it every time they wear it…

Have fun looking for original gifts in our stylish, unique and chic apron collection for kitchen and food lovers!

Or try to find most suitable apron for yourself, choosing from variaty of chic apron models and Blue, black, white, beige, burgundy, apron colors..

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Apron size:

L – Large, M – Medium, S – Small


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